Studio Luma is an app-based curriculum currently geared towards evolving cosmetology education. It specializes in catering to all types of learning by providing videos, animations, an e-book of the curriculum and step-by-step illustrations to accompany it. My task while working on Studio Luma was to develop the style and then create the assets for the animations and book illustrations. The book required hundreds of illustrations during an intensive production period so I also spent my time working with another illustrator, helping her to embrace the style I had developed so we could share the work. You'll find examples of my work for the book illustrations and animation assets here.

© Cambio Education, Regency Beauty Institute 2015





Regency Beauty Institute is a cosmetology school where the Studio Luma program is currently being implemented. Some of the work I created for Regency includes illustrated patterns for their #GoCosmo high school program. They can be seen implemented below on Regency's brochure and headband mockup. To reach out to current and perspective Regency students alike I helped illustrate, Photoshop and design various social media posts for Regency's blogTwitter and Pinterest pages. Examples of these posts can be seen below (images with grey bars on the bottom). I also helped design assets that would be implemented into the campuses themselves which include Regency's diploma and concepts for Studio Luma kiosks.

© Cambio Education, Regency Beauty Institute 2015





These characters were designed as part of a brand identity for Yvette Erasmus, Psy. D. The first two images to the left are the final versions of the character designs in color and in black in white. 
To the right of those images is an example of the characters accompanying text and interacting with its environment on a web-page or print. Lastly, there are examples of preliminary designs for the characters that eventually combined and morphed into the final result.

© Lydia Fusco, Robert Harmon, Yvette Erasmus 2015