Here you'll find a large body of examples of my illustration work. The first set of images below are individual pieces made for personal projects or commissioned projects, followed by large projects and then rough/sketch work separated by medium (digital, traditional). Click on the thumbnails for more information about each piece.




Below you'll see a few spreads from the children's book Twin Peaks: Colorful Counting for Kiddos based on the 90's TV show, Twin Peaks. The book was a collaboration between myself and Jamey Erickson, founder of LUNAR MPLS. Because of the show's mature content and often scary imagery, I was tasked with the challenge of illustrating child-friendly versions of iconic scenes from the show to create a baby-lit-inspired book.

©Lydia Fusco, Jamey Erickson, 2015




A study in visual development, the Water of Life was my senior thesis project at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. There were many goals set with this project including showing variety in character types and wanting to explore how illustration can influence animation. I set out to concept and develop environments and characters to accompany the children's story with the same name. I took influence from many different cultures including Indian, Japanese, African and Russian and worked those influences into the clothing and architecture. I also wanted to play with style so I explored the idea of stained-glass windows from cathedrals as a nod to the english version of the story.

Below you can see 4 environment designs (from left to right: Vita Cistern Exterior, Vita Cistern Interior, Watchtower Interior, Gankona Pass) and 4 character turn arounds (from left to right: Prince Abram, Princess Cleo, Loo, Blion) from my project.

©Lydia Fusco, 2013